Icelandic nature

Iceland is well known for its extraordinary nature. Geologically, both a part of America and Asia it is a land of extremes: Fire and ice, hot and cold, big and small – Iceland has it all. And as often described by visitors, there is nothing like it.

In Iceland you will experience an eco-friendly life style, where simplicity of low stress living is merged with the newest technologies. In Iceland you will find food for the body, with healthy ingredients, quality water and clean air; and food for the soul: calmness of a landscape that is full of contrast and extremes at the same time. Glacial rivers, hot springs, black deserts with green oasis and clean blue lakes and rivers. Places full of peace and tranquility, darkness in the winter and 24 hour daylight in the summer. In Iceland you will discover the energy of the elements: water, air, fire and earth. Basic things that are the core of life.

Icelandic people/culture

Icelanders are amongst the happiest people on earth. Why might one ask, it being cold and dark for a big part of the year? But if the Icelandic people would be controlled by weather, everyone would have moved a long time ago. We work with what we are given, and if that means having a BBQ in a snowstorm, so be it.

The Icelandic people have a rather liberal outlook on life. The level of gender equality is high and Icelanders are very tolerant regarding sexuality and religion and many believe in elves and other supernatural wonders.

Generally the people in Iceland are very open minded and welcome visitors with a smile. In many smaller communities, people don´t lock their doors and it is a custom to walk inside your neighbor’s home unannounced. We welcome cultural influences and mixed with the Icelandic traditional food and the Viking heritage, there is a metropolitan atmosphere, sublime dining experiences and plenty of great experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Icelandic health and happiness

Iceland is considered to be one of the healthiest and the happiest countries in the world, with an extreme long life expectancy. Besides having a universal health care system where everyone has equal rights to health care, the base is in the Icelandic lifestyle.

Generally, Icelanders have an easy access to a healthy diet and the motto is: keeping things simple. Fresh, pure ingredients like the seafood (very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids), lamb (free range) and artisanal dairy products from grass fed free range cows is the base. And because of the short growing season, the local greenhouses provide top quality vegetables and herbs with minimal pesticide use.

Water.  The source of life. Icelanders swear by its benefits, whether it’s the hot springs out in the nature, the geothermal pools or the ice cold sea, it´s the most widespread way Icelanders use to relax and minimize stress.

Exercise is a lifestyle for many Icelanders. In the winter the fitness centres are packed and a growing number of people use the bicycle all year round. In summer Icelandic people like to enjoy the nature in any way possible and the in the summer months the 24 hours of sunlight provides the people with energy to last them all winter.

Last but not least it is considered that a strong social bond and gender equality is a big part of the reason that Icelanders lifelong and well. A strong social system makes it easy to balance a family life and career and enables people to focus on themselves as well as their family.

A Country for All Seasons

Iceland offers a wide choice of experiences for the traveller, regardless of when you visit the country. Every season has its own unique charm and there are always opportunities to experience new things, discover beauty and be mesmerized by the freshness and colours of nature. Every season will leave you with a host of unforgettable memories.

Spring is the time when the sun climbs ever higher, warming up the earth and all living things; millions of puffins to be seen as well as lakes and rivers are roaring with fresh fish. The Icelandic spirit is a little higher than usual at this time of year.

Summer: Oh wonderful Icelandic summer. What´s not to like about 24 hours of sunlight when anything is possible.

In autumn, sheep and horses that have been grazing in the mountains are driven back to inhabited areas and sorted in the yearly round-ups. These are lively and social occasions, in which visitors are welcome to participate.

Winter is the time of amazing contrasts. Peaceful white snow accentuates the black lava fields, resulting in magnificent artistry. The northern light light up the sky in the darkest hour: pure magic.

Even though each season has its own charm and character, many activities can be enjoyed all year around: horse-trekking, participating in a wide range of sightseeing tours, visiting museums – of which there are many – sampling the comforts of the city, eating wonderful food, shopping or enjoying one of the many cultural festivals that are held in Iceland.